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"Thank you for helping me start my day moving - I always feel much better after joining you for a workout. You are my fitness 'hero' !"

Jenny Farmer

"Wow Marietta, who would of thought that just over a year ago you would be teaching and offering exercise in such a different manner (online). You have shown consistency for such a long time but also still ever evolving and improving. How do you keep that energy and super smile? You amaze me each time. Thank you for such great offerings as it has allowed me to exercise at MY convenience not on a gym schedule. The Gymstick workouts have so much variety and they really challenge my balance. Thank you once again and congratulations. "

Daria Kearon
Group Fitness Instructor


World renowned aqua expert, Marietta is sharing her experience, knowledge and passion in a series of free online seminars. The popular aqua tips that have been shared globally on social media for years are about to get very real. This is your opportunity to connect with the woman who created them. Join this free seminar to listen and ask all those questions that you have always wanted to ask. Next seminar will be held on Sunday 10th October 2021 1.30pm AEDT

Stretching with the Gymstick FREE Seminar

Whether you want to stretch using resistance bands, or with the stick or both together, the Gymstick is only tool where you can enhance your flexibility using all three options. Join Marietta, Gymstick International Master Trainer for a free online seminar that demonstrate the many ways that the Gymstick can be used for creative stretches that will provide muscle release and improve range of motion. Friday 29th October 6pm AEDT

"! can't do live ZOOM classes here in the states but it sure is great to have membership access to mix and match work outs anytime"

AJ Johnson

Class options

If you want to exercise in a way that serves your body, then you also want to pay in a way that serves your pocket. Scroll down to see some of the different class options.


Thursday 12pm Step Workout

Friday 9am mSwing Workout

Sunday 9am mSwing Workout

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One class only


Each class is 55 minutes 

Monday 9am Gymstick

Tuesday 9am mSwing/Gymstick

Wednesday 9am Gymstick

Thursday 9am Gymstick/Swiss Ball

Saturday 9am Gymstick



Virtual Class Membership


Billed Monthly After 14 day Free Trial

Extensive library of 40 to 60 minute workouts that you can do at any time. 

Workouts that improve balance, muscle endurance and strength

Pelvic floor recorded seminars

Instructor specific education and video workouts

New formats: mSwing & Gymstick

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"I cannot thank you enough for your time, encouragement and support. So above and beyond any reasonable expectations. I had a lie in this morning and my son said - "mum, you need to do your Marietta" ;) Please note - I did. ;)"

Gemma Torr
Virtual Member

Marietta Mehanni


Australian fitness presenter of the year 2018 and New Zealand Educator of year 2016, Marietta Mehanni is an award winning presenter with over 30 years of teaching experience. Education Coordinator for Gymstick International, Pelvic Floor Ambassador for Continence Foundation Australia, Co-Creator of mSwing and Co-Founder of My Group Move, Marietta is passionate about developing fun exercise formats that are suitable for women of all ages.

"I follow you because I totally trust everything you do and say. I know that you do a lot of research before you teach anything so I'm confident they are all supported by evidence and experts. I think it's amazing how you find methods of exercise that is not the 'usual' formats or popular format, and they totally work. And you are very creative. "

Michelle Chapman

My Why


"Marietta you are fast becoming my Guru. Yes, My GURU! I haven't ever heard of you until I asked my instructor where I could buy a Gymstick. I joined in your classes sometimes twice daily. Thank you for sharing your experience with us. YOU ARE EVERYTHING OTHERS HAVE SAID ABOUT YOU!!"

Shirl Cousens

"After doing your courses, I always wished I lived near you so I could attend your classes...in a way my wish came true!! A huge THANK YOU "

Bev Selway
Group Fitness Instructor

More classes, online courses and workshops coming soon

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Live & Online Education

Access world class live and online workshops for land, mSwing and aqua. Informative, cutting edge and definitely outside the box, Marietta shares her extensive experience and knowledge. Her collaboration with physiotherapist and educator Mark Davis has created mSwing Education which provide courses that dive into science and exercise in a format that is easy to understand and implement.

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Live & Online Education

MY GROUP MOVE was born from a strong desire to create, develop and upskill group exercise instructors to ensure that interactions and information passed onto class participants was current and cutting edge  MY GROUP MOVE’s ‘WHY’ is to ensure that instructors continue to grow and develop their skills to guarantee individualised success for both instructors and participants.

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Online Education Group Training

 The only functional training group fitness format in the world. Gymstick is a fibre glass 130cm stick with two resistance bands and it is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment that you will ever use. Using a progression based concept, this non licenced resistance training system allows you to take group training anywhere – in the gym, outdoors, in schools and the corporate environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For one class only, please make sure you only buy the day of the class you wish to take. Go to the classes above and select the BUY button of the package that works best for you. You can use credit card or PayPal. 

The classes are hosted with Zoom. You do not have to have a Zoom account to attend a class. You will be prompted to download the software, once you have clicked on the link that you have been provided. You may also wish to create an account, but that is not required to participate in a class.

You will receive 3 emails. One to log into your account to make any changes to your details. The second email will have the Zoom log in details. You will receive another email 60 minutes prior to the class with the same log in details in case you missed the first email. You will also have access to all classes that you have missed and these will be located in your library if you have paid for a membership. 

I connect 15 minutes before the class starts. 

Unfortunately there are no refunds but you will be offered another class of your choice. Please email Marietta Mehanni for a class that you may wish to do instead. [email protected]

If you are experiencing problems paying or accessing your account, email Marietta Mehanni immediately at [email protected] If she is already teaching she will get back to you asap and look after you then.

At the beginning of the workout, Marietta will mute your microphone so that everyone can enjoy the workout. At the end, she will unmute your microphone so that you can interact with her. If she can't hear you, you need to also unmute your microphone. 

To get the best experience during the workout, it is important to place your mobile device where you are able to see Marietta clearly and for her to be able to see you clearly. The class is interactive and Marietta would like to offer you feedback regarding your exercise technique so that you are able to maximise on the opportunity to workout with her.

Please make sure to log in 10 minutes before the workout to ensure that you have access to the workout. Marietta will open the class 15 minutes prior to the workout.  This will provide you with time to see if your mobile device is located in the best spot to view the workout and to ensure that Marietta will also be able to see you in action. Marietta will be checking her email [email protected] in case you need to send her a message regarding connecting to the workout. Once the workout has started, she will be able to get back to you later to sort out any issues regarding payments.

Being close to your modem if using wi-fi and making sure you are not downloading anything at the time of the livestream will help. If you have the ability to connect a laptop to an ethernet cable connection will be better. It is dependent on your internet provider, time of day and if you have NBN. 

Depending on the class, you will require the following items:

  • mSwing - 1x dumbbell 2kg or lighter and a mat
  • Step - a step platform
  • Swiss Ball - a Swiss Ball approximately 65cm and a mat
  • Gymstick - a Gymstick with either blue or black resistance bands and a mat
  • Muscle Conditioning - 1x dumbbell 2kgs or less and a mat
  • Low impact - a mat
  • Surprise workout - this will be indicated each week what will be required.

Marietta's workouts are safe and effective for people without serious, acute or chronic injuries. It is important that if you suffer from any issues that you get your health care providers advice before commencing any activity. It is also important that you modify any activity that causes you pain or discomfort. 


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