Hello, I'm Marietta Mehanni.

When I started working out, I was surprised to discover that I couldn't do everything that other people could. I felt embarrassed and like a failure. But as I worked out more and learned about my own body, I realised that there were many other people who had different abilities and skill levels than me.

I love having different abilities and skill levels in my classes. It challenges me as an instructor to provide a workout that is achievable and FUN! Everyone works out at different levels and have different reasons for joining me in workouts. My wish is to guide and instruct you through a class that will achieve your individual goals.

Personal Struggle



Being an overweight child and teenager in a small country town where sport prowess was revered made it impossible to fit in.

I longed to be part of a community, part of a circle of friends—just part of something—but my ethnicity and weight made it impossible. I wasn’t cool. I wasn’t interesting. I wasn’t athletic. I couldn’t hit or catch a ball, and running felt like torture. All I desperately wanted was to be like everyone else.

One summer, a gym opened in my little town. My dad thought it would be a good idea to purchase a gym membership while school was out for the term.

I was so nervous. I thought that I would have to do humiliating things in the fitness assessment and expose my grossness.

What I actually experienced was completely unexpected.

I was treated with respect, compassion, and gentleness that I had never before known in school. I was not expected to do anything other than what I felt comfortable doing. One of those things was aerobics. The idea of moving around to music brought back a long buried childhood desire to become a dancer, which had never felt like anything but an unattainable dream—but now, with aerobics felt almost fulfilled. Now I could move my body and enjoy music at the same time.

This ignited my lifetime passion with aerobics, now known as group fitness.

Today I am the weight that I am happy with, have the energy that allows me to do whatever I want, and I have the strength and ability to empower others to achieve the same.

Fitness is accessible.

I encourage and allow people to move at their own pace. I provide the encouragement and guidance and my membership lets you choose your level of involvement. I love teaching classes and I am passionate about delivering formats that cater to diversity. 


What makes me an expert...

  • Over 30 years of teaching experience in both land and water based group exercise
  • Presented at fitness conferences all over the globe including IAFC, FITEX, SCW and FILEX
  • Awarded Monash ‘Outstanding Contribution to the Fitness Industry’ 2019 award winner
  • Awarded Australian fitness presenter of 2018
  • Awarded NZ Educator of the Year 2016
  • Awarded Author of the Year 2007
  • Awarded Aqua Exercise Leader of the Year 2003
  • International Master Trainer and Education Coordinator for Gymstick International Oy
  • Co-Founder of My Group Move, an online and face to face education
  • Co-Creator of mSwing, a fascia-based group fitness class designed to enhance and improve functional movement patterns
  • Advisor to and advocate for Power Music, an exciting platform offering instructors easy access to music and choreography
  • Ambassador for the Continence Foundation of Australia
  • Created a course for aspiring presenters offering them an opportunity to gain skills that will not only prepare them for presenting, but also help with personal development.
  • Experience as program coordinator at 7 different health and fitness clubs
  • Certified with AFAA, ACE, AEA, SCW, Certificate IV TAE

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