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I'm Marietta

Teaching is my passion and I love sharing my knowledge and experience with fitness professionals. Check out my online courses that are bring together science, expertise and little humour. 

Hey there! I'm Marietta

Ready to start really moving in the way that your body wants to? Then you're in the right place. 

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mSwing Instructor Certification

This online course will cover all the information that you need to become a certified mSwing instructor. In 4 lessons you will understand the 'why' behind mSwing that will empower you with the knowledge to make a significant impact on how people move. 

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Move to Improve Part 1

Hormones and Fascia

In this course you will discover the effect that exercise has on collagen, how this effect is influenced by estrogen levels and the surprising opportunity that this offers menopausal women to gain additional benefit from targeted exercise.

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Memory through Movement

In this course you will discover how to stimulate the vestibular system to prime brain function in a way that will improve attention, memory and performance. The information is geared towards both group exercise instructors and personal trainers.

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Flexibility without Stretching

You will learn:

An understanding of the body's nervous system

How sliding a nerve will bring greater range of motion

Four neural mobilisers that you can implement straight away for yourself and clients

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