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Want to move with ease?

mSwing has been developed with the intention of making a fun and effective movement experience accessible to as many different people as possible. 




mSwing education has been developed by award winning group exercise expert Marietta Mehanni and award winning physiotherapist Mark Davis. Marietta and Mark designed mSwing education to be accessible for people of all ages and abilities so that everyone can experience the joy of movement within the same group.


"Thank you Marietta and Mark.I am so happy I started mSwing. My joints move so much better, I just love it!"

Carolyn Lee Weyling

"I have taught mSwing nearly every week since Covid restrictions lifted. I have a core of 8 ladies that love it. Such great gains in strength, flexibility and we have had so much fun. It is a great program – also the memory/vestibular exercises. Thanks for your ongoing enthusiasm. "

Rose Fraser
Owner of AquaFun & Fitness

Fascia 101

Gain an understanding about the three key features of fascia and how this allows us to move upright and against gravity. 


Learn the mSwing movement patterns that utilise the fascia science to enhance movement. Using athletic based patterns, this type of exercise will benefit everyone from de-conditioned to athletes. 


Complete the mSwing Certification process to provide you with the confidence to deliver mSwing movements to your clients and community.

Become an mSwing Instructor today!

In mSwing you will plug into a unique and liberating variety of movements that arc, sweep and flow through space. You will develop skill, strengthen muscle and mobilise your body in a way that will make you feel light, happy and free. 50% off the regular price, this offer is for a limited period of time.


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