There has never been a better time understand how important movement is to memory.

When you consider the vestibular system, most people consider balance being the primary function. But the vestibular system is so much more than that.

In this course you will learn:

  • The vestibular system is a key contributor to vision. 
  • The vestibular system is in the background of speech and contributes to being able to articulate 
  • Reading has a high vestibular component to it. 
  • Vestibular control is also in the background of skillful movement. 

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Lyn Lebowitz

"I absolutely loved this program!! I will definitely use it in my classes. Even my aqua classes. Thank you so much for all this great information. I passed it on to a fellow instructor. I hope she buys the program. A lot of useful tools to take to your classes. I never understood the vestibular system. I mostly love the facts about moving your head in all those different directions."

Toni Leanne Jones

"Marietta and Mark. What a wealth of information, from understanding the science behind it, to utilising this into movement. I have learnt valuable information that I intend to use in my classes. Thank you."




Lorraine Slorach

Great course, thanks Mark and Marietta. Loved the way the content was put together. Video and matching text, really good. Wish I'd learnt about this years ago.




Susan Birtwistle

Thank you both Mark and Marietta for combining your talents and skills to provide us with valuable knowledge to incorporate not only in our exercise instruction classes but also in everyday activities.
These 'movements of stimulation' will help us all with our own journeys in health and fitness. Susan

Sarsha Campanelli

I have loved all the learning and so well explained l am now doing my mswing course and practice every day and I am really feeling the benefits!!