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Hey there! I'm Marietta

Ready to start really moving in the way that your body wants to? Then you're in the right place. 

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Kristin McGuigan

Foundation Member

I just was just hitting the afternoon slump looking at my phone lying on my bed and thought of Mark pre Aqua class warm up Marietta has edited for us and I started to watch it and then got up to give it a go. Bingo I feel great. So good to shake off the afternoon slump. Will try it before my Thursday class.Thanks Marietta.

Margarita Brogden

Foundation Member

I am finding the mentoring classes of great value, for my personal growth, as an aqua instructor.  Every week I am taking away something new that I am applying to my classes, they love it and are working harder. Thanks again for all your hard work that you are doing so we receive the best of the best.


Megan Flood

Foundation Member

Sorry I missed last week's session on anatomy. Watched it today. Absolutely brilliant. So easy to understand!

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Karin Pearson

Thank you for these weekly sessions. Your education is one of the best. Even after all the courses I have done and nearly 3 decades working in the fitness industry, I always learn something new from you which I can take away and apply to my classes and/or PT clients. 

Thank you again Marietta, I appreciate you very much as a mentor and educator. You are a shining light in our industry.

Sharyn Case

We are so lucky Marietta to have you as our Mentor. To not only enrich our lives with the knowledge and education you provide, your own personal stories that I take so much away from, but how you have helped us all overcome some challenges within classes or our own personal lives. I'm copying, modelling and one day will master it. :)