Everyone deserves the opportunity to exercise.

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Helen Lattin

Thanks Mariette Mehanni, for giving the ENABLE team, 
Carol Syer & Caitlin Syer an opportunity to spread their insightful course.
It was amazing to hear Caitlin's side of life. Carol's training, advice, knowledge, experience & passion was priceless.
I can highly recommend your sessions to anyone wanting to work with people who have disabilities, especially an intellectual one. The training can be easily adapted to physical disabilities also.
With the future of Recreation & Sport heading towards inclusion of everyone I recommend these sessions for anyone interested in being part of the future!

Jo Jose

I  am especially excited to have opportunities to attend workshops that support instructors to embrace inclusion in their classes and gain more knowledge and get more ideas. I hope you will do more in the future!! This has inspired me to broaden what I do and start up some group classes.

Enable is a disability education and advocacy platform.

Our primary goal is to educate about the importance of inclusion of people with a disability in all aspects of life, this includes in our fitness centres, creating both employment and recreation opportunities as well as social inclusion.

We aim to create inclusive communities, places that are accessible where all people with or without a disability are included, respected and celebrated.


Ainslie Castle

This course was fantastic! I wish I could have accessed this information when my Autism Spectrum Disorder child was younger. I especially loved the animated video which showed coping mechanisms and behaviours in such a gentle way. Resources like these are ESSENTIAL in teaching all generations about acceptance, kindness, patience and understanding to achieve true inclusion.

If you are passionate about improving the health and well being for your community, this workshop will empower you with the skills and strategies to confidently deliver group exercise programs for people with intellectual disabilities. Everyone deserves the opportunity to exercise.


What you will learn:

Explain what an intellectual disability is, how its diagnosed, what it means to live with one, life experiences in regards to low expectations and options to take part in all aspects of life.

Terminology: what to and what not to say, when it comes to the language of disability.

How to deliver fitness programs for people with intellectual disability and ASD for both children and adults in reference to class size, helpers, carers, music volume, appropriate exercises, how to plan and have back up plans.

Employment: how can we make our fitness centres more inclusive in respect to patrons and including staff with disabilities.

Overview and explanation of ASD, dementia, cerebral palsy, neuro developmental disorders , hearing and sight impairments and others.  

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Melissa Morony

Really good course. I think it is something that everyone working the fitness industry - whether they are in management or a group fitness instructor - should do at least a part of so that they are aware of the barriers and can be careful not to be contributing to them. It has certainly gotten me thinking about how I approach the people who have disabilities in my classes. Thanks!