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If you're struggling to find the right place to work out, Virtual Workouts can help. Discover class formats and try a few of them until you find the one that works for you.

In just 20 minutes, you can get started on discovering the right workout for your fitness journey.

Virtual Workouts are designed to give you the perfect workout experience in the comfort of your own home, allowing you to train from anywhere and at any time.

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Gymstick (full introductory session)

Gymstick is a unique and innovative way to work out your whole body. This complete exercise system offers strength, endurance, balance, coordination, cardiovascular conditioning and mobility exercises for all ages and abilities in one compact package. The Gymstick makes it easy to engage the muscles of your core, arms, chest, thighs and glutes with each move for an effective muscle conditioning program that can be manipulated for your specific needs. You will feel better than ever when you're done!

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mSwing introductory session

Have you ever wanted to join a gym, but felt intimidated by the thought of all those machines? Or maybe you find group exercise classes intimidating because they're too fast-paced? mSwing is the perfect solution for you. With mSwing, you will use a single dumbbell to provide fun, challenging and effective workouts using natural, flowing movements that will make you feel like you are not exercising. You will develop skill, strengthen muscle and mobilise your body in a way that will make you feel light, happy and free.


Swiss Ball Workouts

Swiss Ball workouts are a great way to improve your strength, balance, and agility. They're also a great way to train your brain. Using the ball can help you improve your reflexes and agility by training your brain to move your body in ways that are different from other exercise classes. Plus, ball workouts are fun! Whether you're new to fitness or a seasoned athlete, Swiss ball workouts will challenge you and help you see results quickly.


Body Conditioning Workouts

Body Conditioning workouts are designed to help you target and tone your abs, hips, and thighs while also working on the upper body muscles. These classes are focused on using body weight and incorporating multi-planer and dynamic exercises. I believe in focusing on what you have, not what you don't have. I know that you can develop your strength and endurance and in these workouts you will discover muscles that you knew you had but have not used in a long time. These workouts include a combination of standing and floor based exercises.


Step Workouts

Step is a great low-impact cardio workout that trains the lower body and the brain. Not only does it improve cardiovascular fitness, but it's also pelvic floor safe. Functional and effective, step is a fun way to improve balance and coordination. Workouts are designed to cater for every level—you can start with just a mat on the floor.


Low Impact Workouts

If you're looking for a low-impact form of exercise that makes good use of your coordination skills and cardiovascular fitness, aerobics is the perfect choice. Aerobic exercises are designed to get your heart pumping and help you build endurance. Aerobics also has a strong focus on coordination, which makes them fun and easy to learn. You'll get a full-body workout that's great for not only your cardiovascular health but also your muscles and bones. Even if you have joint issues, aerobics can help improve their function by strengthening them while keeping them at an optimal range of motion.


Stretch Me

Do you feel stiff and tense in the mornings? Are you looking for a way to relax and center yourself? Then Stretch Me is perfect for anyone new to the benefits of a daily stretch and not yet super flexible. Stretch Me classes are just what they sound like: we'll be stretching together in the comfort of your own space, so all you have to do is roll out your mat or lay out your towel and prepare to feel relaxed and refreshed!

Virtual Workout Membership Is For You If...

  • You are struggling to find time to exercise?
  • You want to get stronger, healthier and fitter.
  • You aren't sure what your fitness level is like or if it's worth spending money on a gym membership.
  • You dream of moving with ease and living your best life.

The Virtual Workout Membership is perfect for anyone who wants to start working out but doesn't know where to begin. It's ideal for people who want to try out different types of workouts before committing to one. And it's perfect for people who can't afford a gym membership or don't have time to go during work hours.

With the Virtual Workout Membership, all of this is possible! Just sign up today and get started with your fitness journey!


"You guided me expertly through a heart pumping and carefully constructed set of routines that have set me up for today. I have a lot of respect for you Marietta and your amazing workouts. I trust in your ability to deliver safe exercises that are beneficial for my body. I "don't give up" when working out with you."

- Jenny Farmer

"Since doing your classes I feel heaps better - in fact I feel younger and feel I move better and have greater flexibility and can easily get up off the floor which is something that was worrying me a bit. I admire your energy and commitment to us. You have such an amazing repertoire of moves that your classes never get boring and I keep wondering what we will do next."

- Kathy May

"I really like that you have created innovative programs and exercises and show them enthusiastically, honestly and unpretentiously. There’s an authenticity to your content and style. You present in an open way that’s inspiring and when you’re challenged by an exercise you display courage and a role model of encouragement- yes these are hard but get in there and try them anyway."

- Penelope Lane

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